T H E   M I S S I O N A R Y   L E A D E R S H I P   A C A D E M Y

Breathe New Life Into the Church

Join the premiere online community focused on equipping ordinary Catholics to transform their ministry, parish, or diocese.

T H E   P R O B L E M.

Videos Don’t Transform Parishes.


Prepackaged programs and video courses only go so far. To truly transform a parish or diocese, you need powerful tools and a community to walk by your side.

People Do.


 Online Courses For Passionate Catholics:  

The Missionary Leadership Academy provides practical, in-depth virtual formation, strategies, tips, and best practices that equip Catholics at all levels with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to help transform their parish or diocese into a community of missionary disciples--all in a convenient and flexible format.

 Private Community:  Doing it Together

Unlike most other online platforms, the heart of the Missionary Leadership Academy is our private membership community, made up of people just like you, who are passionate about evangelization, parish renewal, and the Church’s mission. Academy members accompany, support, and challenge each other as they wrestle with how to apply what they have learned to real-life situations within their personal lives, their parish, and their diocese.

F O R M A T I O N  T H A T  M A K E S  A  D I F F E R E N C E.

How The Missionary Leadership Academy Works.

Our virtual courses focus on practical application and utilize high-quality video instruction combined with workbooks, resource guides, project plans, checklists, personal reflection journals, and other downloadable content so that you can make a lasting impact whether you are volunteering in a ministry, serving on a parish or finance council, driving transformation as a staff member, or leading the charge as a pastor.

Join the Academy
Signing up is easy—with monthly and annual subscription options that won’t break the bank. 
Receive Quality Formation
Immediately access a growing collection of online courses designed by experts with actual experience in evangelization and renewal at the parish and diocesan level.


Grow Together
Share ideas, trade resources, brainstorm problems, talk about how to apply what you’ve learned, and pray alongside others in our private Membership community.


 I S  THE  M L A   R I G H T   F O R   Y O U ? 

Who is the MLA For?


We've got you covered! Whether you are:

  • A ministry team member passionate about evangelization
  • A parish council member convinced of the need for change but unsure how to accomplish it
  • A Faith Formation Director looking to make disciples of the adults in the parish
  • A young adult who desires a vibrant community of peers journeying deeper into faith in Christ.
  • A catechist who wants to see more children, young people, and families encounter Jesus
  • A pastor looking to build a leadership team and move the parish from maintenance to mission
  • A Director of Religious Education looking to engage parents of RE students in their Catholic Faith
  • OR anyone in between, the Academy was designed specifically to provide formation and training in areas critically important for parish renewal and cultural change to individuals and leaders who have a passionate desire to see their communities become channels of God's healing, mercy, providence, and love.

“Deacon Keith Strohm provides a prophetic voice for the Church in this time of change in our tumultuous world and society. His faith-filled message is both a challenge and a reinforcement of the exhortations and letters of the Holy Fathers of our age. The call to take a hard look at how we approach the Great Commission of Jesus is central to his presentations and his teaching moments. I recommend him highly as a much needed prophetic voice in our Church.”

Louis F. Kihneman
Bishop of Biloxi

 3  K E Y   P A R T S   O F  M L A  

What's Inside.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone!

Have you ever felt isolated, like no one else in your parish or diocesan ministry or organization shares your sense of urgency when it comes to evangelization and mission? Are you tired of others staring at you blankly or glossing over your input during meetings and other conversations? Would you like to experience support in a creative environment focused on renewal, mission, and discipleship?

We’ve Got Your Back!

The Missionary Leadership Academy is more than just a collection of top-notch electronic courses, webinars, and virtual formation. It's a community of like-minded men and women who are passionate about evangelization and the transformation of our parishes and dioceses. In addition to an ever-increasing library of practical courses, your Academy membership gives you access to:
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Private Facebook Group

 Have questions about implementation? Looking for a safe place to vent or problem solve? Want to share a new resource you created or discovered? The private Academy Facebook group connects you with other men and women who are wrestling with parish or diocesan transformation in a safe and supportive environment. This is focused conversation for practitioners and those who are serious about parish and diocesan transformation.

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 Weekly Live Chat

Each week Deacon Keith Strohm, Executive Director of M3 Ministries and founder of the Missionary Leadership Academy will host a live chat where he answers Academy member questions and drills down on specific topics related to evangelization and parish/diocesan transformation. This is an opportunity to wrestle with formation material a little deeper, explore questions of practical application, and hear specific stories of communities that are experiencing renewal. It’s like a masterclass in parish transformation—every week!

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Monthly Think Tank

What if we could harness the experience, gifts, and talents of a group of disciples focused on transforming the Church and the World? Welcome to the monthly Missionary Leadership Academy Think Tank--a virtual gathering of membership where we will address, unpack, or focus on a particular problem, opportunity, or topic. These members-only exclusive webinars will feature group discussion and presentation. Members are free to watch or to participate directly.


Join today as a founding member of the Missionary Leadership Academy and enjoy a special Founder's Subscription Rate.

This opportunity ends when the Academy officially opens its doors at the beginning of September. The subscription cost of the Academy will never be lower!



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“Deacon Keith Strohm has a unique understanding of the challenges we face at all levels - diocesan, parish, and personal. His breadth of knowledge, experience, and God-given charisms make him a well-qualified leader in evangelization, but it is his pastoral heart that allows him to accompany those who are seeking to increase their mission effectiveness. His encouragement and wisdom were game-changers for our diocese.”

Mary Hallman
Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Syracuse

“We have been working for about three years on becoming an evangelizing parish of missionary disciples. Changing the culture of a parish takes time, as well as strong leadership from the pastor and staff.  Deacon Keith was able to express a vision for parish renewal in a dynamic way and answer questions based on his vast experience. He gave us a good direction to go forward, as well as tools and resources we are still using in our planning. I highly recommend working with Deacon Keith.”

Fr. Bart Timmerman,

Pastor St. Thomas Aquinas, Diocese of Madison, WI

 D E A C O N  K E I T H  S T R O H M 

The Experience Behind the Mission

Deacon Keith Strohm is the former Director of the Office for the New Evangelization and a deacon for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Combining almost 15 years of Executive Management In the corporate world with more than 20 years’ experience working within parishes and dioceses in the areas of evangelization, healing, cultural change, and parish transformation, Deacon Keith focuses on practical, proven, real world approaches to Church renewal that actually make an impact.
Deacon Keith specifically formed the Missionary Leadership Academy out of this experience—in order to create an environment where ordinary Catholics, volunteers, and Church staff could be equipped to serve as missionary leaders while in a supportive community that focuses on real-life application.
  W E ' R E  V I R T U A L 

Access the MLA from Anywhere

Using our easy-to-navigate online platform means that you have access to high-quality, proven content whenever you want. Whether you are traveling, working from home, using some free time between dropping the kids at their various activities, in the office, burning the midnight oil, or taking some time for yourself before the day starts—you can dive in to our growing library of courses designed to help you make an impact on the world and on the parish.

Best of all, the Missionary Leadership Academy community is virtual, too:

No Matter Where You Are, We’re There For You!

“Deacon Keith’s in-depth knowledge of theology, strong handle on our current culture, and unique style of conveying the steps of evangelization was the perfect combination for our parish. The Holy Spirit clearly guided this process along with Deacon’s prayerful direction.  Fellow parishioners grew in their relationship with the Trinity and one another.  We were emboldened to share our stories as it related to the great story of Jesus. A true JOY and Blessing!”

Denise Ziegler

Leadership Team Member, St. Joseph Parish,
Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

"Before Deacon Keith worked with my parish, I was a lukewarm Catholic. I only prayed when I needed something and went to Church a few times a year out of guilt and obligation. Through this process, I had a reversion and developed a relationship with Jesus. Now, I pray several times throughout the day and evening because I want to be in conversation with Him. Going to Mass is the highlight of my Week, and I’m walking with many others in their faith journey.  Thank you for walking with me and helping me build my relationship and discipleship with Jesus."

Kirk Galasso
Parishioner, St. Francis de Sales Parish, Archdiocese of Chicago

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